Subject Guides

These one-page handouts highlight relevant collections, unique interdisciplinary content, search strategies, and search terms that greatly aid discoverability across twenty-two subject areas in the Digital Library.

Bob Adelman, Martin Luther King, Jr. addresses the largest peace demonstration in history at the United Nations Plaza, New York, April 15, 1967. © Bob Adelman, Magnum Photos

African and African-American Studies

African and African-American experiences, traditions, and cultural heritage, featuring images of cultural objects, art works, important events, and key historical figures. 


Grant Wood, American Gothic, 1930, Art Institute of Chicago.

American Studies

The people and events that have shaped the history and culture of the United States, including images of painting, sculpture, architecture, decorative arts, graphic design, and photography, ranging from colonial times to the present. 


Fang African Mask, c. 19th century. The Detroit Institute of Arts


The global study of human behavior, societies, and cultures, as represented by images of traditional and contemporary material culture, such as ceremonial masks and objects, as well as photographs and drawings of cultural groups, rituals, and traditions. 


Winchester Cathedral transverse section, Hampshire, England, begun 1070

Architecture and the Built Environment

Documentation including monuments, buildings, drawings, models, plans, and QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramas. 


Katsushika Hokusai, The Great Wave at Kanagawa, 1830-32. Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Asian Studies

Content related to the history and culture of Asia, as illustrated by works of art and architecture, from traditional forms to contemporary works, as well as photographs of historical events and figures. 


Attributed to the Berlin Painter, Terracotta amphora (jar), c. 490 B.C. Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Classical Studies

Content related to the ancient Mediterranean world, as illustrated by images of architecture, architectural decoration, sculpture, vases, mosaics, jewelry, metalwork, and an array of subjects and themes depicted within the Classical tradition. 


François-Thomas Germain, Coffeepot, c. 1756-57. Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Decorative Arts

A varied selection of images of furniture, tableware, tools, textiles, ceramics, silver, and jewelry from a range of periods and cultures. 


Alvar Aalto, Paimio Chair, 1931-32. Image provided by The Museum of Modern Art


Images of drawings, models, posters, advertisements, appliances, furniture, and cars from a variety of periods and cultures. 


German, Cap, 1850-1870, The Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fashion and Costume

Images of historical fashion, costumes, designers, and fashion shows. 


Drawing of the bones of the human body from the side, 1543. Vesalius Anatomical Illustrations (Northwestern University)

History of Medicine and Natural Science

Content related to the social and historical aspects of the practice of medicine and human beliefs about life, death, disease, and healing, as well as examples of the scientific study of natural objects and organisms throughout the ages.


Firmin Bouisset, Chocolat Menier, 1893. Image from The Museum of Modern Art

Languages and Literature

Images of renowned authors and depictions of literary characters, as well as examples of foreign languages from a variety of cultures around the world. 


Sicán (Lambayeque, Peru), Funerary Mask, 10th-11th century. Image ©The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Latin American Studies

Content related to the history and culture of Latin America, including images of works of art and architecture, from traditional forms to contemporary works, as well as photographs of historical events and figures.


Reiner Ottens, The Celestial Globe Drawn on a Flat Sheet, 1729. Library of Congress

Maps and Geography

Depictions of the physical terrain of geographic regions from a variety of historical periods. 


Old Testament King, c. 1230-1260. Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Medieval Studies

Content related to the Early Christian, Byzantine, Carolingian, Ottonian, Romanesque, and Gothic periods in Europe, which include images of mosaics, stained glass, tapestries, illuminated manuscripts, ivories, churches, and cathedrals.


Great Pyramid complex; view northeast, 27-25 centuries BCE, Giza, Memphis area, Egypt. Photographed by Arielle Kozloff Brodkey, 1983

Middle Eastern Studies

Content covering the history and cultures spanning from Morocco and North Africa to Turkey and Iran, including photographs of important sites, people, and historical events, as well as images of calligraphy, ceramics, textiles, glass, and metalwork.


Antonio Stradivari, Violin, 1693. Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Music History

Images of musical scores, composers, performers, instruments, and venues such as concert halls and opera houses, as well as examples of musical iconography.


Navajo Blanket, c. 1860-1870. Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Native American and Indigenous Studies

Historic photographs, including ceremonial scenes and studio portraits of individuals and tribal delegations, and artifacts of material culture such as baskets, textiles, tools, masks, and costumes.


Julia Margaret Cameron, Paul and Virginia, 1864. From the collection of George Eastman House


Works by significant photographers chronicling people, events, and places of our time, as well as images documenting the development of landmark processes and technologies, from early daguerreotypes to contemporary prints. 


Ivory Plaque, c. 962-968. Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Religious Studies

Content related to Western and Eastern religious beliefs and traditions, as represented by images of sacred texts, religious iconography, ceremonial objects, and places of worship, including temples, cathedrals, synagogues, churches, and mosques.  


Antonio del Pollaiolo, Portrait of a Woman Seen in Profile, c. 1475. © 2006, SCALA, Florence, ART RESOURCE, N.Y

Renaissance Studies

Prints, drawings, paintings, sculptures, buildings, fresco cycles, and other forms of architectural decoration. 


Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas, Dancers at the Bar, c. 1900. The Phillips Collection

Theater and Dance

Images of costumes, venues, and staged performances from around the world, as well as portraits and performance shots of notable playwrights, theater directors, choreographers, set and costume designers, actors, and dancers.


Albrecht Dürer, Adam and Eve, c. 1504. Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Women's Studies

Images related to the history and depiction of women across world cultures, including women in a variety of domestic and professional roles, women's rights movements, and representations of famous female figures from history, art, and literature.